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custom WEB design

Take your brand online and grow your business effectively. As small business owners ourselves, we know the importance of being able to maintain and update your website yourself -and that's why we create our clients sites using Squarespace! Forget about templated designs, let's create a strategic design that will guide your people and give them effective avenues with which to buy from and contact you. 

Custom Squarespace web design created by Salt Design Co.


Hand everything over to us, and we'll take care of your entire site - including domain, email set up, responsive web design, and even copywriting if you need it! Full site design projects also include platform training so that you can confidently maintain your site and make updates as needed.



"Being technically challenged but extremely picky, making the leap to trust someone with creating such a vital part of my business was a scary step to take. Lucy made all the difference in calming my nerves and not only created a beautiful website and logo package, but walked me through the entire process to make sure I never had any questions or doubt. I can't thank these girls enough for their hard work and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone!"  - Samantha Lightfoot

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Let's hop on the phone and talk about your project! Once we're all set and ready to go, you'll have some paperwork to sign and a little bit of homework. This package can be paid for in 2 instalments and typically spans 8-12 weeks from a project kick-off date.




Each and every project starts the same way: we discover your business and brand through a set of questionnaires. From there we'll review your answers, do some internal research, and then get together (either in person, or over the phone) to talk about your answers. This is the perfect time for us to get to know each other, cement a design plan, and do all the prep work for the project.


With a design plan in place, we'll ask you to put together the content for your website. We'll share a Google folder with you in which you can pop image folders, Google docs, and more. We'll have determined what pages you need, and you'll have a plan in place for writing your copy. Plus, if you need help there, we can team up with a copywriter for that professional edge on your business.


Now we can get into the fun stuff! With a solid plan, and all of your content prepared, we'll get into the design stage. The amount of time we spend designing depends on how many pages you need for your website, but typically takes 2-4 weeks.


With the first stage of design completed, we'll get together again to review the website, and make small refinements. This is the perfect time to double check the copy for typos, ensure that the content flows and guides viewers, and review the structure of the site to see if the original plan did indeed produce the best design result. It's all about creative problem solving here, so we'll do some beta testing to ensure it's working correctly.


In our final meeting, we'll show you the back end of the site and explain how everything works. We'll get together to go over all the details you'll need to know in order to effectively manage and update your site. You'll also be able to use this time to pick our brains about anything business, design, or marketing related - if it flows into the conversation, we're happy to answer!


The bit you've been waiting for - your website is live! We'll still be around post-launch if you need anything, and your package includes 2 hours of our help just in case you need something, or want to make minor changes. Plus, you'll be invited to book one of our maintenance packages - a lower hourly rate for support, just for clients.