SEO for Blogging Guide

SEO for Blogging Guide


Content marketing is key for boosting your SEO, and your blog is part of that!

This extensive guide takes you through the fundamental aspects of SEO you need to understand, and how to optimize your blog posts and drive more traffic to your website.


  • An SEO for Blogging checklist

  • What SEO is all about

  • How to analyze questions you’re being asked and turn it into content

  • How to research keywords for your blog posts

  • How and where to use keywords within your blog posts

  • How to structure your blog posts to optimize them

  • What Meta Descriptions and Alt Tags are, and how to optimize them

  • Linking within your blog posts - the do’s and don’ts

  • Optimizing your website to boost your SEO

  • General tips for blogging

Written in partnership with Amalia Biro, a holistic digital marketing expert, this is a comprehensive guide to blogging for your business, with an interactive checklist you can use time and time again, or print out for your office.

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