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Started setting up a Squarespace website and got stuck?

Don’t let your potential go to waste! With a helping hand you can quickly and easily set up your Squarespace website, add in SEO information and connect your domain.

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You’ve started an account and got stuck. You don’t have a landing page and you have no idea where to add your social media handle.

Technical details baffle you, domains confuse you, and the more you try, the more you feel like giving up.


So who the heck are we, and what makes us the humans to take you from Squarespace-frustrated to fully-Squarespace-expressed?


We’re Daphne and Lucy; co-founders and designers over at Salt Design Co.

We’re small business owners who have been working directly with other small business owners and entrepreneurs for the past 3 years. And, we’re just like you: learning, looking for ways to do things differently and discovering (every damn day) more and more about ourselves and our business.

We’re also very much humans: Netflix bingers, podcast lovers, geeks about entrepreneurs, CrossFit addicts (Daphne) and puzzle enthusiasts (Lucy).

BUT, when it comes to our work, we’re on a mission to demystify the glam and jargon that comes with building a business, and to make things easier for you: the small business owner who’s smart as a whip, a real go-getter, keen to learn and grow your skills and scale your business without losing your life.


This program was born from spending time with clients and seeing how much opportunity there was for business owners to get more out of their Squarespace websites.


So, we started coaching clients one on one and hosting in-person workshops to share what we were learning and pass on the insights we’ve gained over time.

And the opportunity to support you in moving past the frustration and into the sweet spot of freedom and flow in your relationship with Squarespace and your online presence? Well, that’s a simple #hellyes.

Want to know more about us and catch a couple of the knowledge-bombs we drop on the quasi-regular? Come find us on Instagram and say hey!



In just 4 lessons you’ll learn how to effectively and efficiently set up your Squarespace website

Over 4 lessons you’ll learn:



Create an account, choose a template (based on our go-to recommendations) and make sure you haven’t missed a step.



Create a cover page so people have a way of finding you or contacting you while you build your website! And of course, you’ll want to connect your social media accounts - which is honestly the number 1 stumbling blocks our in-person clients struggle with.



Choose your Squarespace plan, connect, transfer or buy a domain and set up or connect your email account.



The final, and arguably most important part of this mini course is ensuring you’ve got all the SEO information you need to have added to the settings of your website.



You might have some questions about our mini course, so let’s get to answering them!


I’ve already got a Squarespace account or website, should I take this course?

Maybe! If you don’t feel sure about how you set-up your website, are confused by SEO, or need to connect a domain and email account (and haven’t done so yet) then you possibly need a helping hand. If you have an account and feel like you want an expert to walk you through the step-by-step process then this course is definitely right for you!

Wait a minute, this is a mini-course? What does that mean?

We define our mini-courses by the amount of time it’ll take you to get through it. Our larger, full courses, are the type of course you’ll need to follow for 1-6 months. The mini-courses however could be completed in as little as 1 week! These courses are designed for you to read and get straight to action - using the course as a reference and a reminder from there to help you stay on track with your new education.

Why can’t I just Google the answer to these questions?

You can! Squarespace has a great online support section, and we even use it ourselves. What we’ve found though, is that most of our in-person clients ended up hiring us to help them anyway. Some of them found the language tricky to understand or still weren’t sure what to do on their website, and paid us much more than the cost of this course to get expert advice and hands-on support. So, if that’s you, and you’ve been struggling along even with the help of Google and Squarespace support, then it’s time to get some help!

What if I’m not finding what I’m looking for? Do you offer refunds or returns?

Unfortunately, no. Because we provide all the information immediately following purchase, the course content cannot be returned. But, we’ve got a feeling you won’t want that refund once you’ve received all the emails and have upped your SEO knowledge! If you do have a complaints or concerns please email Rosanna at and she’ll be happy to discuss the options further with you.


Not sure if this course is for you?

You’re ready to take this course if:

  • You started designing a Squarespace website but aren’t sure if you set things up properly

  • You’re about to start a Squarespace website and don’t know what you should do

  • You are confused about connecting your domain, email, or other technical things

  • You want someone to guide you through the best steps for effectively setting up your website

  • You know you need to add some SEO information to your website but aren’t sure what

  • You’re ready to start a Squarespace and do it to the best of your efforts!

If you’ve been nodding your head and saying ‘Yes!’ to any of these points then you are ready for this course!

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