Ep #6 Zafira Rajan: Finding your niche


Zafira Rajan is a copywriter in Vancouver, BC. Having recently found her niche in the health and wellness industry, Zafira writes copy for (mainly women) in wellness. We chat with Zafira about her decision to niche into such a specific industry, covering how she came to the decision to niche, what the transition was like and what her business looks like today.

We also talk about the impact of retreats and conferences on her business, what she’s doing differently after a 6-figure year and why she works primarily with clients in the US.

Find out more from Zafira here:




  • Getting to know Zafira

  • How Zafira became a professional copywriter

  • Niching into wellness

  • What the transition of niching was like

  • Working with clients in the US

  • Vancouver market + affordability

  • Breaking the rules of Instagram


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