Ep #12 Mona Stilwell: Taking time to prepare


How long does it really take to build a business? What goes into it? This week we sit down with Mona Stilwell of Feeding Mama to ask her about the process of setting up her business. 

Over 18-months Mona apprenticed under chefs, worked closely with a nutritionist and consulted with a Chinese Doctor in order to setup Feeding Mama: ‘a meal delivery service providing ready-to-eat products that help new parents throughout the early postpartum phase. Inspired by the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice of "Sitting The Month" (zuò yuè zi), [Feeding Mama] provides warming and healing foods specifically for you to recover from pregnancy, childbirth, or lactation. We honour ancient wisdom while creating food with local, organic, and seasonal ingredients in a modern way.’

This hugely in-depth process was so interesting to chat about with Mona and digging into the struggles and patience that process came with allowed us to find many moments where Mona felt like giving up. 

Listen along to hear more about the process, the ways in which Mona found motivation and patience and to learn more about the Traditional Chinese Medicine that inspired Mona. 

Find out more from Mona here:




  • Getting to know Mona

  • Interning in order to gain knowledge

  • Recipe testing and the process of creating a food product

  • Asian traditions and the business

  • Growing pains of launching a business

  • Combating isolation as a solo entrepreneur

  • The difference between midwives and doulas

  • Acknowledging the land and what that means

  • Celebrating and appreciating personal time


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