Ep #4 Sara McCabe: Figuring out your skillset


Sara McCabe is a business coach and consultant specializing in people, process and also… retail! With a wide range of experience and insights we dig into what a coach/consultant does (and what the difference between the two is) and how Sara went from working with large retail stores to working as a contract consultant and coach.

These days, with 3 businesses on the go, it looks like Sara is doing a lot. Throughout our conversation we see Sara’s process for figuring out what she’s good at, what she has to offer and how she found multiple avenues through which to do that.

By diversifying her income and teaming up with others, Sara is a solopreneuer that gets to work in partnership and collaborate on projects and with clients.

Plus, we’re hosting Assembly with her! Join us this September 7th in Vancouver for an unconventional convention that’s offering everything your business needs in one room.


  • The difference between a coach and consultant

  • What Sara does with her clients, and how she blends the two

  • Working in a corporate field and transitioning into entrepreneurship

  • The many businesses that Sara has launched in the last 2 years

  • How she diversifies her income by working with others

  • Niching down on what she offers and why


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