Ep #13 How we handle failure


Failure (and the fear of failure) stops us all from taking action. In our western culture we have been conditioned to succeed, be happy and reach for the highest goals. But what’s missing from that story is the small failures or learning lessons that get people to those success stories.

This part of life and business is the messy middle we love to talk about! So this week we shared some things we’re scared of when it comes to failure, what failure means to us and how we handle failure. 

We also discuss the F-Word interview series we ran from 2017-2018 with our writer friend Mara Lantz. The full interview series (in which we asked 12 entrepreneurs about their relationship to failure) can be found here!

Come over to Instagram and tell us how you feel about failing! Do you view the failure the same way as we do? Did you take anything away from our conversation?


  • Discussing our blog series “The F-Word: Conversations about failure”.

  • How we each define failure and what it means to us

  • Times when we’ve felt we personally failed (see: driving, university)

  • Self-reflecting on failures and focusing on the positive

  • The ability to be flexible when failure does occur


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