Ep #15 Hosting events as a small business


Ever been curious about hosting an event for your business? We’re joined this week by Rosanna, our Communications Manager at Design Build Grow to talk all things events; why we host events, what types of events we’ve hosted and what our suggestions would be for others who might also want to host their own events.

In the last few years with Salt Design Co. and Design Build Grow we’ve hosted quite a range of events! What started for us in 2017 as a format to educate and support our clients turned into a marketing initiative and year-long community series of panel talks and half-day workshops. Since then we’ve held full-day workshops, a mini-convention and intimate round-table discussions also. With this has come a lot of learning lessons, a lot of fun and more confidence in hosting our events.

Send us a DM on Instagram and let us know what your experience with events has been and if you’d like to host your own but have been unsure of where to start. We’d love to hear and talk with you about it!


  • Why we started hosting events

  • How events are good for your business

  • Setting intentions behind your events

  • How Assembly, our unconventional convention, went

  • Getting sponsors!


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