Ep 18 Anita Cheung: Just try things


Our friend and fellow small business owner Anita Cheung is on the podcast with us today! As an entrepreneur with many different ventures under her belt we were really curious to ask Anita about the transitions between each one, what it was like for her working with business partners versus working alone and how she juggles everything she does. 

Anita shared what brings her confidence and joy, how she is constantly trying new things and how at the core of it she wants to share what’s helped her and uplift others with those same tools. 

Tune in and hear about how and why Anita started Social Yoga, what the process of ending that to start Moment Meditation looked like (hint there was some crying on her partners floor) and how she moved on from Moment Meditation into In Bed with Betty and Create with Neets

We talk about how our businesses fit into the current state of capitalism, our relationships with money and how that’s linked to our identity as business owners or entrepreneurs.

We also introduce a new segment in which we ask Anita 4 questions we’ll now be asking everyone at the end of each episode!

  • What was your biggest “failure” in business so far?

  • What was your biggest success?

  • What Instagram account do you get the most joy from?

  • What do you do for fun that’s just for you?

Find more from Anita:




  • Why Anita loves to collaborate and work solo

  • The realities of scaling, business ownership and capitalism

  • Combatting imposter syndrome within the meditation world

  • The beginning and end of Moment Meditation

  • How we deal with business and life debt

  • Just putting things out there and letting them be


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