Ep #17 The impact of personal development for business owners


Each new business owner will at some point, be faced with the fact that their own behaviours have a huge impact on their business. Without a large team around you, what you do, think and say is what drives or changes your small business. 

Which means, that you need to show up and communicate well. You need to be confident. You need to know your values and have boundaries. These are things many of us are prone to work on as people, but as business owners, we’ve found that you’re forced into this work more than in any other career type. 

So what’s the impact of that? On our businesses, our relationships and us as humans just trying to exist in the world? 

In this episode, we’re chatting about how we feel around people who aren’t doing this work, what we’re currently working on and why it’s important to us!


  • Friends who go through personal development processes vs. friends who don’t

  • How small business forces you to go through personal development

  • How we incorporated development into our lives and every day business

  • Brene Brown (Can’t talk about personal development without bringing her up. It’s the law.)

  • What we’re each working on in our own lives


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