Ep #16 Chelsea McKenzie: Getting to know yourself


Chelsea McKenzie is a designer in Vancouver who has had a varied career path of the past 15 years - including agency work, freelancing and now working for a large local company as their Senior Communications Designer.

We chatted with Chelsea about how she knew she wanted to be a designer from a young age, what led her into agency work, freelancing and now corporate design and how she knew at each what to do and what would work for her.

What came up time and time again in our conversation is that Chelsea took the time to get to know herself, did the self-development work (she’s a big Enneagram fan!) and asked others for an outside perspective on her strengths and weaknesses too.

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  • How Chelsea balances full time work with freelancing

  • Designing your life so that it suits what you need

  • Clarification and asking quality questions as a skillset

  • Structuring retainer clients so that everyone benefits

  • Transitioning from freelance to in-house design

  • Enneagrams!


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