Ep 19 Working ON your business, not just in it


Are you going with the flow and letting your business evolve without checking in? Today’s episode is all about taking the time to work ON your business, not just in it – so you can make smart, strategic choices that will impact the growth of your business and ultimately your own life!

We cover what we do for our own CEO days (as we call them), how you could structure yours, our tips for starting to work on your business more and what tends to come up for us. We also talk about how valuable they are, why we think they’re so important and how it’s been such a huge part of the growth and success of our business. 

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Some resources we referred to in the episode:

Design Build Grow - Brand Strategy

Design Build Grow - Build Your Brand Strategy Workbook

Being Boss - CEO Day Kit


  • What a CEO Day is and why we love them

  • Why you should have a CEO day for your small business

  • Some things you could work on during your CEO day


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