Ep #10 Meet your hosts: Interview with Daphne


For our second installment of ‘Meet the hosts’ we’ve got communications manager Rosanna interviewing Messy Middle host and co-founder Daphne Wong! Together they chat about Daphne’s life to date, how she made the transition from government employee to entrepreneur and they do some fun personality tests!

Tune in to get to know Daphne!


  • How Daphne went from Criminology to design

  • Working for the government

  • 3 highs of life so far

  • 3 low of life so far

  • Personality tests! What does her rainy man say about her?!

  • Daphne’s favourite thing about Lucy

  • What she would do if she was invisible for a day

  • Transitioning to work full-time for Salt Design Co.


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