Ep #14 Maxine Bulloch: Assembly Vendor


Meet photographer Maxine Bulloch, who specializes in business branding, events and portraits. Hailing from the UK, Maxine moved to Vancouver in 2015 and has been steadily growing her relatively new photography business ever since.

We chatted with Maxine about how she loves working with impact-driven business and what it means to move overseas and start working for yourself. She figured out early on what her niche would be, which has helped Maxine find her footing in photography. Join us as we go through the growing pains of having a new business.

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Maxine Bulloch is one of our vendors at Assembly, an unconventional convention here on September 7th in Vancouver, BC that has been created for you to find everything your business needs in one room.

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  • Maxine’s working background that lead her to photography business

  • Doing what you love but being able to find your niche

  • Dealing with the ups and downs of freelance working, including when work slows down

  • The importance of e-mail etiquette and how it can factor in to the jobs you land

  • Assembly, our unconventional convention, whom Maxine is a vendor at for photography


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