Ep #2 Aaron De Jong: Asking for what you need


For our very first guest episode, we're joined by Aaron De Jong – founder of the local fitness studio Movement 108.

In this conversation we talk about what it was like for Aaron to open up a business that needs a physical space, team and equipment; where the money for that came from and how he grew the business from a shared loft with 5 people in a class, to where it is today with over 2,000sq ft and 100’s of regular members.

What we distill it down to is that Aaron had the balls to say what he was doing, what he wanted and to ask for help when he needed it. Aaron puts himself out there by talking about his plans and figuring out the details as he goes - even if he’s nervous and shaky when doing so.


  • What Aaron did before he started Movement 108

  • The beginning stages of the studio: how and why Aaron wanted to start a fitness studio

  • How community plays into the studio

  • The teaching style Aaron has brought into the studio and fitness classes

  • What funding was involved

  • The challenges of starting a fitness studio

  • How asking for help has been a game changer for Aaron


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