Lesson 3: Going Live!


When you go "live" in Squarespace, you don't really go live... By having the cover page we put in place already visible on your website + domain, your website technically is live! So to make your website “live” we just need to set your homepage, as your homepage!

In this lesson we will:

  1. Set your homepage to be "live"


Step 1: Set your homepage to live!

Setting your newly designed homepage as "live" is really quite simple! So the final step in your progress is possibly the easiest. 

1. Go to the settings dial next to your homepage.
2. Click on it to open the options
3. Click "Set to homepage"
4. You're done! Voila!

Your website now has your designed "Home" as the homepage, which means when a visitor goes to your website, that page will be the first page they see - so your website is live! It always was technically live, so now visitors see all your hard work and have access to the entirety of your site. 


Congrats!!! The final step is done and your website is LIVE!! You’ve learnt so much throughout these 5 modules and now have a website you can be proud of.