Lesson 4: Adding Images + Copy


The framework of your page is all set. The last thing that needs to be put in place is your content!

In this lesson we will: 

  1. Add an image

  2. Add a text box

  3. Create a title and format text


First things first, are you done with your copy? It doesn't need to be perfect, but you do need copy to be adding to your pages! If it helps you to visualize things once your site is built, that's ok too, just don't procrastinate over writing your copy for too long or it will never be completed. Something is better than nothing, promise!


Step 1: Add an image

  • Select "Add Image" and add it to your page.

  • Once the image has been added, select "Edit". Under "Filename (Optional)", rename your photo to be a descriptor of what is happening in the photo or what purpose does it serve. In this case, something along the lines of "About Daphne from Salt Design Co." would be accurate. It's important to add this information here for SEO, so don't skip this part!

  • Click "Apply"

  • Again, you'll notice the little grey dot at the bottom of the content block. if you want to adjust the size of the image, drag that little dot up or down. This will zoom the image in and out. If you go back into "Edit", you should see a light grey circle in the middle of the image. If you move that circle around, the focus of the image inside the content block also adjusts. 

Step 1 - Adding an Image.png
  • Note that you also have the ability to remove your images in the "Edit" section as well. Doing this will allow you to replace the image, and won't delete the entire image block from your page. 


Step 2: Add a text box

  • In the second content block, you can fill that in with the content you've written for your about page. Most likely this will be body copy (i.e "Normal" text) but change it to suit your needs and play around with the formatting.

  • Don't forget to click on "Save" to keep all of your hard work.


Step 3: Create a title and format text

  • In the top text content block, add a title for your page. 

  • Change the settings of your title from "Normal" to "Heading 1".

  • Don't worry if your text and headings don't look exactly how you want them right now! We'll be changing this in a future Module when we go over the "Style Editor".

Step 3 - Format Text.png

Repeat these steps if you have other text or images to add to this page, and remove any spacers you don't need once your page is completed. With text and images, it will be much easier to see how the pages look (and if your design works)!

From there you can repeat these steps for all other pages and begin to piece your website together!

To add content other than text and images, follow the same steps of finding the Content block section that we have shown you and follow the directions included with each individual one.

For more on any content block, refer back to the Overview of Squarespace resource located in Lesson 1, Module 1