Module 3: Adding content to your website


Time to add all that content to your website!

We’re headed back into Squarespace to add all that content you created and sourced. We're going to take all the work you've done, and start building your site! Take your time on this part and have fun!

First we’ll further prepare your Squarespace template so that it’s ready for all that content you wrote. This will include removing extra template pages and getting your webpage main menu set up. Afterwards, we’ll show you how to add a page and create a grid so that you’re not just placing items at random.

Once the foundations of your page have been laid, we can go ahead and finally start laying out everything you worked so hard on! Afterwards, we’ll finalize your main menu and your page will start looking even closer to a website!

We suggest spending up to 3 hours on “Module 3: Adding content to your website”.

Welcome back! Now it’s onto Module 3!