Lesson 5: Google Analytics and how to install it


One of the best ways to measure the success of your SEO efforts is through Google Analytics. You can use what comes with your website platform (like Squarespace or Wordpress), but the reason Google Analytics is recommended is because it is a single unifying source of data that you can take with you if you ever transfer your site from one platform to another.


  1. Go to analytics.google.com to sign up

  2. Follow the instructions to get your activation or tracking code

  3. Add the tracking code to your website

Here are three handy guides on how to install Analytics on each type of platform.

Through Google Analytics, you can track your visitors, where they're from, how they got there, where they go on your site, and how often they convert into sales. 

Organic traffic is a great indicator of the overall health of your SEO. You should take your organic visits benchmark prior to making any SEO changes, and then take the traffic benchmark again a month or so after. You can do that by selecting Organic Traffic under Audience and taking a look at how many people have arrived via that source.

You can try this out today with some of the quick changes we recommended in lessons 2 and 3!

That's it! You've finished the SEO mini-course! You're well on your way to boosting your websites visibility and your business will thank you for it. 

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