Lesson 4: Adding SEO Relevant Info To Your Settings


Now we'll be covering how to set up the back-end of your website! SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) helps Google and other search engines recognize who your business is and what your business does. But we need to add the relevant information to the Settings first in order to aid in the visibility on these search engines! This is important as it helps people find you with basic Google Searches. 

In this lesson we will:

1. Add your business information
2. Write search engine descriptions
3. Add a site title + tag line

Step 1: Add your business information

Go to Home > Settings > Business Information

  • Fill out your business information including:

    • Business Name

    • Business Address

    • Contact Phone Number (note if you don’t have a business number and don't want your cell to be accessible, that's ok! It is not necessary to add anything to this section if you don’t want to).

  • The remaining fields are optional, so fill them out as best you can - and don't forget you can change it later.


Step 2: Write search engine descriptions

Go to Home > Marketing > SEO > Search Engine Description

  • Under “Site Title”, enter your business name. You can also add a descriptive phrase about your services or products. This will show up beside the name of your website when its open in a browser tab or whenever you paste your URL and a link preview is shown.  eg: Salt Design Co

    • You will notice at the bottom is the “Search Results Preview”. This shows you what your site looks like on search engines. So you can go ahead and play around with this one!

  • Under “Site Meta Description”, add a short paragraph (1-3 sentences) that describes your business (include industry relevant keywords, but write this in sentences).

    • This section helps your site be searchable and will also let potential visitors know what you do and offer.

    • This section will also appear under the “Search Results Preview”.


Step 3: Add a site title + tag line

Go to Home > Design > Logo & Title

  • The name of your company will already be filled in under “Site Title”.

  • In the “Tag Line” section, write a list (separated by commas) of keywords that describe your business offering.  eg: Brand Design and Development; Brand Identities, Graphic Design, Web Design 


TIP: If you change your template choice, this tagline might suddenly be visible underneath your logo. Depending on the template you might be able to turn it off in the Style Editor, otherwise, delete this text if you don't want it to be visible. 


You've completed the course! Congratulations! If you need help planning out your content, styles, and visuals for your site, check out our next mini-course in this series. 

Salt Design Co.