Event Graphic for panel talk 'Building Confidence and Resilience' hosted by Design Build Grow

June 20th 6.45-9pm


What does it really take to build your confidence and become more resilient?

What does being confident even mean? And how do you get past imposter syndrome?

We'll be bringing 3 speakers with diverse experiences together to talk about the importance of confidence for both small business owners + corporate career development.

Together we'll discuss what confidence means to us, how it's impacted our work and how we can feel more resilient (and therefore more confident) as we move forward in life.

We'll share our own stories, struggles and experiences so that you might learn from others - gaining new tips for what to do when you're not feeling confident (both long term and in the moment) and what you can do to be a more confident person.

Assembly event graphic in bright orange on a photo of orange flowers

September 7th 10am-6pm


Everything your new business needs in one room, so you can get your shit together.

ASSEMBLY is an unconventional convention in Vancouver to help new and aspiring small business owners find the help they need. It would cost you a fortune to consult with every single one of these people, so we got them all in one room just for you.

We'll have everything from designers to marketing experts, to accountants and lawyers, photographers and more! Plus, we’re hosting 2 panel talks throughout the day for you to connect and learn with individuals in the business community.

With a happy hour to close things out, this is a great place to be able to meet new business owners in the same shoes as you, talk to experts who can support your new venture and drink some beers!