Salty Series #8: Relationship Fundamentals

Salty Series #8: Relationship Fundamentals


Relationships are tough, yet we’re building them every single day. So how can we better in both work and life - with our communication, the way we treat others, and how we interact with ourselves?

For this event we had 4 amazing panelists come to share their individual expertise on relationships; through communication, management styles, sex and personal relationships, and even grief. Links to all their info is included in the book!

We talked about:

+ How to be a better manager
+ Dealing with a poor manager
+ Building trust and having open conversations
+ Whether or not we should be friends with our managers
+ How to have the hard conversations
+ Knowing what’s working in a relationship and when it maybe needs to end
+ Is there such a thing as too much sexual chemistry?
+ How we handle our own emotions in our society
+ Coming up against grief and how to show support
+ Societal constructs that have created our ways of handling emotions and what we can do to change that

Throughout this ebook you'll hear the exact conversation we had, including insights from our guests, inspirational quotes, and our top takeaways from the evening. It's like you were there with us!

The Salty Series is a monthly panel talk or workshop through which we aim to educate, inspire and connect - allowing everyone and anyone to better understand brand & web design, and the strategy behind it.

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