Salty Series #5: Living Life On Your Own Terms

Salty Series #5: Living Life On Your Own Terms


When you choose the entrepreneur lifestyle, you need to start defining your lifestyle. You might not have expected that, and trust us, it's not as easy as you think. 

From morning routines to societal pressures, creating a life according to your own terms comes with as many challenges as working for someone else. In this intimate event in Vancouver BC, we gathered to share our stories and discuss the challenges we've come up against whilst forging our own paths. 

We talked about: 

+ Defining your terms
+ Those deep dark moments
+ Having hard conversations with your family
+ Societal pressures and overcoming them
+ Tuning out the noise
+ Answering questions from people who don't understand your lifestyle

Throughout this ebook you'll hear the exact conversation we had, includes insights from our guests, inspirational quotes, and our top takeaways from the evening. It's like you were there with us!

The Salty Series is a monthly panel talk or workshop through which we aim to educate, inspire and connect - allowing everyone and anyone to better understand brand & web design, and the strategy behind it. 

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