Salty Series #3: Creating Community With Social Media

Salty Series #3: Creating Community With Social Media


Go beyond simple likes and follows, and what do you have with your social media? If you're looking to create a community as part of your business, you need to consider how social media is going to play a part in that plan. 

For our third Salty Series panel talk, we gathered 3 incredible community leaders from within our city to talk about the relationship between building an offline community and still maintaining a social media presence. 

With this e-book you'll get an insight into the conversation we had that evening; a fun, informal discussion in which our leaders shared their perspective, their stories, and their advice for leveraging social media as a small business owner.

We talked about: 

+ Implementing social media for your small business
+ Working with brand ambassadors
+ Building a community
+ Focusing on your people, not the likes and followers
+ How to get started
+ Managing multiple channels

The Salty Series is a monthly panel talk or workshop through which we aim to educate, inspire and connect - allowing everyone and anyone to better understand brand & web design, and the strategy behind it. 

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