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Sitting on a Squarespace template and not doing anything about it?

Crack the ‘why is this so damn HARD?’ frustration with expert insight on how to make Squarespace work for you...and design the site of your online-dreams.


The secret’s out: Squarespace isn’t that easy to use.

Instead of putting your best foot forward with your online presence, you’ve stopped before you’ve started and left your site stagnant and somewhere in not-quite-ready-to-publish limbo. Squarespace has secret complexities (that don’t show themselves until you’re elbows deep in trying to figure it out), and it’s holding you back…


So, in limbo your site stays…because every attempted edit or change or customization either doesn’t work, or seemingly requires skills and knowledge you just don’t have – or you have no idea what to actually do to make it work the way you think it should.

It's frustrating, annoying, and leaves you procrastinating. Worse than not getting shit done, it leaves you losing confidence...every day.


Months go by and you still don't have a website. Or at least, not one you’re proud of. Which makes sharing it with prospective clients or peers cringeworthy and full of ‘it’s a touch outdated…’ comments and reluctant card pass-offs.

And the internal dialogue? Not the kind of self-talk that’s inspiring any action:

— ‘I must be a bad business owner.’

— ‘I should be able to figure this out.’

— ‘If I don’t figure this out, no one will take me seriously...which means goodbye business.’

— ‘But it’s just not easy - even though it’s supposed to be. What’s wrong with me?’

Then someone tells you how ‘easy’ they found it - which is frustrating AF and makes you want to throw your MacBook off the balcony (but you don’t because #emotionalmaturity and also your AppleCare just ran out).


As a business owner who has no shortage of passion (but limited hours in the day...and maybe a budget), you deserve to have a website that brings your business to life...and brings life to your business.

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A website that expresses more than the ‘thing’ you sell - but your values, your impact, your purpose; your whole brand.

A site that you can be proud that you completed - on your own - without the sometimes gag-worthy price of a web developer or designer.

And a site that works for you; helping you grow your business, book clients, get more sales (yes, a well-considered and strategically designed and structured site can do that).

And, of course, feel the relief of having it done. Complete. Finito.



You can create a Squarespace site you’re proud of.

When you understand the layers of a software platform that’s marketed as being easy - but really isn’t.

When you learn in an inclusive environment that breaks down the jargon and is full of real, tangible value in the form of applicable skills.

And when you execute while you’re getting educated, implementing new insights in the moment and getting shit done.


So who the heck are we, and what makes us the humans to take you from Squarespace-frustrated to fully-Squarespace-expressed?


We’re Daphne and Lucy; co-founders and designers over at Salt Design Co.

We’re small business owners who have been working directly with other small business owners and entrepreneurs for the past 3 years. And, we’re just like you: learning, looking for ways to do things differently and discovering (every damn day) more and more about ourselves and our business.

We’re also very much humans: Netflix bingers, podcast lovers, geeks about entrepreneurs, CrossFit addicts (Daphne) and puzzle enthusiasts (Lucy).

BUT, when it comes to our work, we’re on a mission to demystify the glam and jargon that comes with building a business, and to make things easier for you: the small business owner who’s smart as a whip, a real go-getter, keen to learn and grow your skills and scale your business without losing your life.


This program was born from spending time with clients and seeing how much opportunity there was for business owners to get more out of their Squarespace websites.


So, we started coaching clients one on one and hosting in-person workshops to share what we were learning and pass on the insights we’ve gained over time.

And the opportunity to support you in moving past the frustration and into the sweet spot of freedom and flow in your relationship with Squarespace and your online presence? Well, that’s a simple #hellyes.

Want to know more about us and catch a couple of the knowledge-bombs we drop on the quasi-regular? Come find us on Instagram and say hey!


 DIY Your Website Like A Pro

A resource-rich self-led course that turns you into a Squarespace design and development expert.


 Here’s what we’ve got for you:

a fresh approach to designing and building a well considered, design informed, totally you website that you tackle from beginning to end.

Over the course of 5 Modules, you'll learn the web design fundamentals to make your site a success from day 1...not year 2. Be guided through the very process designers use with client projects, learn the ins and outs of the platform, and walk away empowered and confident in your new skills, and yourself!

Module 1-01.png


Understand Squarespace as a platform before using it. Introduce yourself to each part of the platform, add relevant information to your settings to support your SEO, and connect any domains or emails you need.

Module 3 laptop-01.png


Get back into Squarespace and start adding content, building your site one page at a time! You’ll create each page of your website and choose relevant content blocks that showcase your copy + images, making the most of all the features Squarespace has to offer. Plus we’ll make sure you hook up your newsletter and social too.

Module 5 Laptop-01.png


Finally, the finishing touches: 404-pages, footers, and "going live". You'll complete the course knowing you've covered all your bases like the pro that you now are!

Module 2 laptop-01.png


Creating a beautiful website that strategically attracts your people means planning it beforehand. Create a sitemap, sketch out wireframes, and make plans for your copy and images before you add in all that juicy content.

Module 4 laptop-01.png


A web design course would be nothing without some design tips! With downloadable resources, insight into typography and colour theory, you'll feel confident in making choices on behalf of your brand, and be ready to review the layout of your website with a keen eye towards good design - just like #pro.

Resources laptop-01.png

PLUS: downloadable worksheets, video tutorials, and more surprise tools and resources to make your learning experience multi-dimensional and multi-faceted.


"I cannot stress enough how amazing these women are in their ability to create content and share that wisdom in an easy to understand way to help small business owners (like me) get up on their feet and be successful..." Ashley Talbott, Yoga For That

Ashley Yoga For That.png


There’s probably a handful of ‘WTFs’ coming up for you - so let us hop inside your brain for a quick minute and give you some insight into some Qs you might be looking for As for.


I’m not tech savvy (although I’m quite particular), and I don’t know much about design or website development. Will I get any value out of this?

HECK YES! This course has been created for a wide range of experience levels, so no matter your experience with computer, design or Squarespace, we’ve got you, and you’ll be well supported throughout. You’ll be learning a lot of new skills and language around web design specifically, as well as gaining context of how things work and tie together - all of which will be so valuable for you as your website and business evolves.

I’ve read everywhere that Squarespace is supposed to be ‘easy’ - so why should I invest in a course that makes an easy platform..easier?

While out of the box, Squarespace can be a fairly simple platform to use...until you want to make any kind of changes or customizations. Which, so we’ve seen, is where the frustration sets in. The ease and flow of Squarespace gets fully unlocked when you know how to break the rules...strategically. And, in doing all the planning and strategy work before you start building, you’ll have a different approach to what you build and how you build it. Which adds a whole other layer of ease to the entire experience. #promise.

There are more courses like yours out in the world - what will I get inside DIY Your Website that I won’t get elsewhere?

We don’t talk about fully booked calendars and six-figure incomes. And hey, if that’s what these websites create for you, then rock on! Instead, DIY Your Website focuses on you as the business owner turned designer + developer, and all you need to know to build a strategic, well considered and design-inspired website. We’re the transparent kind of straight-talkers who want to make sure you know what you’re getting in this course and what you can expect when it comes to being an empowered owner of an (awesome) website you’re proud to share with the world. No generic claims or exaggerated promises here, friend.

My plate’s already full and I’m stretched pretty thin - how much time is it going to take to get some traction with the course and start seeing my website come together?

Life is full, we hear you. And with as little as an hour a week, you’ll stay on top of the course content and be giving yourself more than enough time to make headway on your website. Ultimately, your progress and speed is up to you - yet the key to every success we’ve seen boils down to consistency: staying in the process, chipping away at the work, and steadily growing your skills and confidence as you put the pieces together. Plus, you’ve got lifetime access - so if you need to press pause, take a longer break or come back to the course content, you’ve got it at your fingertips for always.

What if I’m not finding what I’m looking for? Do you offer refunds or returns?

Unfortunately, no. Because we provide all the information and course materials immediately following purchase, the course content cannot be returned. But, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that with a couple short hours of reviewing the content and doing the work, you’ll get more than a couple pieces of insight that might make your eyebrows hit your hairline (bet you didn’t know Squarespace design was THAT exciting...did you?)


Not sure if DIY Your Website is for you?

As we see it, you’re ready to be the most Squarespace savvy and empowered entrepreneur on the block if:

  • You’re just getting started and you want to start off on a strategic, well designed foot.

  • You’ve been sitting on a template for a while now, with little to no traction, and are too frustrated to dive back in and give it another go.

  • You’re scrappy and resourceful, and ready to add some structure to your scrap(piness).

  • You want to DO things in your business, get shit done, and learn.

  • You’re already spending 2 hours a week on the digital side of your business...and know that time could be spent more strategically than ‘actively reviewing’ (aka stalking) your competitor’s social feeds (and websites….let’s be honest).

If you’ve been nodding along, poking your laptop screen with an emphatic ‘I WANT THAT!’, then it’s about time you hop inside and get all this...and more.




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Instant access to the entire course

6 pdf resources

On-hand support when you need it

Weekly check-ins and guidance

Content for all learning styles

Lifetime access