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Design Courses

Be a design pro - sans degree.

Learn the ins and outs of what makes great design great from a couple gals who went to design school so you didn’t have to. Get ready to add ‘design visionary’ to your LinkedIn profile.


online course - $650

Been sitting on a template and making no progress? Invest in your website and Squarespace education and create a website with the very same process we use with our clients. This online course is a 2-4 month investment that is an alternative to hiring a designer – giving you the skills and know-how as well as a beautiful website!


mini course - $19.99

Creating graphics or designs for your business and feeling lost? Learn the principles of colour and type theory plus our 10 rules for good web design. This course is design for beginners, running you through the basic principles you need to know to make smart decisions on behalf of your brand.

Graphic of an iMac on a yellow a background with the title of the online course Web design for beginners

coming soon!

Go beyond the basic design principles and learn web design specific skills that will help you DIY your own website, no matter what platform you’re using. This course will go over design basics, the psychology of structuring a page, and the best ways to create a website that will help you grow your business.

Build Courses


A solid launch pad sets up a seamless takeoff. Gather insight on the essentials of what makes a sustainable business successful in the long term.


mini course - $12.99

You might think that setting up a Squarespace website is easy, and it is - if you know what needs to be set-up in the first place! Many people create an account and miss some vital steps that will help with their SEO and business growth. Don’t miss the vital steps or get confused by connecting domains and emails. This course will guide you step-by-step through the key things you need to do.

Graphic of an iMac on a blue teal a background with the title of the online course Brand strategy for small business

coming soon!

Think of this is as your starting business plan. In your first year (or two!) of business you need to get really clear on what your business is doing, who it’s doing it for and why. This is exactly what a brand strategy is, and this mini course will take you through the process we use with our clients at Salt Design Co. so you can create your own. Includes interactive Brand Strategy worksheets!

Graphic of an iMac on a blue teal a background with the title of the online course Finding clients for your service business

coming soon!

You’ve got a website and you’re ready to start booking clients, but where and how do you find them!? Using our own experience from running Salt Design Co. we’re sharing our tips on gaining and attracting clients. You’ll be more prepared to take on the business world and start making some $$!

Grow Courses

Grow YOUR BUSINESS with intent.

Take your business off the ‘set it and forget it’ hamster wheel. Learn and implement strategies that turn heads and give you the things you’re really after: like unplugged vacations and weekends off and time with your favourite humans. Work smarter, not harder, while you scale.


mini course - $25

Confused about what SEO really is? In this mini course you’ll learn what SEO is, how Google ranks websites, how to install Google Analytics and what to look for in an SEO provider. Add to your knowledge-bank and feel confident with the marketing of your business.


mini course - $50

Make the most of your blog by optimizing your posts for your SEO and marketing plan. In this mini course you’ll be guided through the steps you need to take to be creating effective blog posts that help to boost your SEO and grow your business. You’ll also increase your knowledge of what SEO is and how to use it strategically.


mini course - $14.99

Unsure about what to add to your Squarespace website to set it up correctly for SEO? This mini course takes you step-by-step through the exact things you need to do to prepare your website. With gifs, screenshots and more you’ll have your website ready to go in no time and feel 10x more confident about the growth of your business.

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