Design, Build, Grow




The biggest mistake entrepreneurs can make is thinking they're just growing a business...not a brand. As we see it, they're interchangeable. One and the same. And a brand is more than a logo; it's everything, every way, and everywhere the business is. It's how it walks, talks, looks, feels - all of it. Build your brand with a strategic identity that tells your story and connects you with your people. 

Creating mood boards is one fun part of the brand design process for us at Salt Design Co.


This package includes a primary logo, secondary marks, brand patterns or icons, font and colour systems and an extensive brand guide. This is everything you'll need to launch your business and look like a pro! Instruction on how to use all these files is also included. 

We love snacks - donuts in particular! They get us through the long workshop days, and there's always coffee.


Need to add on more pieces of collateral to your project? Let's explore what you use and need most in your business, and add it on! That might be thank you cards, business cards, invoice templates, or even a media kit. Send us a message to talk about the options!



"It is terrifying when you set out to create a brand and business all on your own! There is so much to do, and you can't possibly do it all yourself, yet you're so protective of what you want to create. As small business owners themselves, Lucy & Daphne knew exactly what I was going through and provided so much support - helping me define my brand and everything that comes along with it. Furthermore, at the end of the process I really felt they had nailed exactly what it is I do, and exactly what I wanted my business to be. Having worked with designers all throughout my career - I can tell you that this isn't always easy. I would recommend them in a heartbeat." - Amalia Biro



Once you've inquired we'll hop on the phone and get to know each other - from there we'll have some simple paperwork for you to fill out and we're ready to go! This package is payable in 3 monthly instalments, and typically spans 6-8 weeks from a project kick off date. 




Once you've answered a couple questionnaires, we'll chat as a team to discuss your answers. Digging into your clients, values and brand voice helps us identify the best style for your brand.


With all this new knowledge about your business, we'll develop your brand strategy; a plan of attack and a guide to your business. This document will stay with you as your business grows. 


With the strategy document created, we get into the fun stuff - the brand design! Yup, now is the time we bring this plan to life and create your visual identity.  You'll be able to ask us questions,  and give us feedback as we go.


The first stage of the design process is presenting our initial brand concept. From there we'll continue to develop it with your feedback. We'll guide you through 2 rounds of refinement until we get it 110% perfect.


We like to finish all projects with a little celebration, and a chance to ask questions. We'll explain what's included in your package, how to use the files we've created, and how your brand will function in real life. 




Once your project is completed, you're part of the family! In our client-only Facebook group you'll have a chance to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, and you'll get access to our maintenance packages - a quick and easy way to continue working with us if you ever find yourself in need of further support.