YouTube Roundup: Why We Love Squarespace, Get To Know Us Q&A, Brand vs. Logo and How To Develop a Brand Personality [VIDEOS]


This month on YouTube, we tackled everything from brand identities and personalities to why we love Squarespace and pizza. So, grab your forks and let’s dig in!

YouTube Roundup: Squarespace, Brands, and Salt Videos

The Difference Between a Brand Identity and a Logo

When you're starting out, figuring out the difference between a logo and a brand identity can be tricky.  That's why we're tackling the issue and explaining why you and your business deserve so much more than just a logo!

In this video we go over: 

  • What a logo is and why it actually only makes up one small part of a brand.
  • What a comprehensive brand looks like and all the little moving parts that will come to define it. 
  • Questions you can ask yourself to start developing your brand today!


Get to Know Us! Q&A with Lucy & Daphne PART ONE

Can you really say you know someone when you don't even know what TV universe they'd be okay with being stuck in? We didn't think so, which is why we sit down to answer the kinds of hard hitting questions any journalist worth their salt would ask.

In part one of this two part roller coaster ride of emotions, we get to the bottom of:

  • How many different kinds of pudding you can have at one meal... because it's definitely more than one.
  • Why pizza is as versatile as a little black dress.
  • Whether Lucy can cook.
  • And who had a wayward youth selling sensible lingerie to women at extremely reasonable rates.


Why We Love Squarespace for Small Business Web Design Projects

Wordpress has its place, but if you’re a small business owner trying to build and maintain a website on your own, we think Squarespace is where it’s at! Which is why, in this video, we’re focusing in on all the reasons why.

In this video we go over:

  • Why we create most of our client’s sites in Squarespace.
  • The issues with running a Wordpress site you may not realize until you’re in too deep.
  • Small things you can do to elevate the already gorgeous templates.
  • And when you should seek a little outside, expert help with your site.

We’ve also got a more in-depth review of Squarespace with tips for users and some How-To’s – like choosing a template and creating sliding testimonials – in our blog for those who want to do some further reading!


How to Develop a Brand Personality!

Taking time to define your brands most human characteristis – like what books it would read – may seem bizarre and that’s because the process is kind of bizarre! But this video is going to explain why developing a brand personality is absolutely necessary to growing your business.

In this video we go over:

  • What a brand personality actually is… because, we all need to learn to walk before we can run people!
  • How developing a brand personality will round out your business.
  • And the step-by-step process we (and now you!) use to develop and define a brand’s human characteristics.

We've also created a handy worksheet you can use to help figure out your brand's personality, which can be found here.

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