YouTube Roundup: A Day in the Life of a Designer, What to Expect Working with a Designer and Q&A With Lucy and Daphne Part 2 [VIDEOS]


This month on YouTube we made our acting debut, discussed designer/client relationships, and found out which member of Destiny's Child Lucy is. SIt's been busy!

YouTube Roundup: What it's like working with a designer

A Day in the Life of a Designer + Small Business Owner

Sometimes people confuse the lifestyle of a small business owner with that of a retiree, which is why we've taken our first foray into acting to show you what the life of a designer and small business owner is really like. (But be warned, this video is more than slightly ridiculous!!)

In this video we: 

  • Show you the common misconceptions people have of people who work from home. 
  • Contrast them with the reality of what a typical day looks like for us. 
  • And hit home the fact that, while you can wear your pyjamas and have cosy blankets all around you, you'll still have a lot of work to do!

We've also got an awesome blog post for anyone who's currently working from home, but is looking for tips on how to better define their morning routine here


What to Expect Working With a Designer!

We're all a little afraid of the unknown. That's why they only show us the monster's face at the end of movies! But we're demystifying the process of working with a designer so that you can not only feel confident when you take that first step to working with one, but so that you can get the most out of that experience (and the money you spend of course!). 

In this video we discuss:

  • What the process, as a whole, looks like and what will be required of you or the designer at each step. 
  • The deliverables you can expect to receive fro your designer and the rough timelines for those deliverables. 
  • How to provide meaningful feedback so that you get what you're looking for. 
  • Why openness, honesty, and trust are SO important throughout the entire process. 

If you're stuck at work without any sound, you can also read about our process here


Get to Know Us! Silly Q&A With Lucy and Daphne from Salt Design Co. PART 2

We're back at it! Grilling each other with the toughest questions and digging deep into our childhood psychology for answers. Okay, maybe not that deep... but if you want to know some pretty hilarious things about us then watch this and part 1 of our Q&A series!

In this video we're dishing on all the important stuff, including:

  • The birthday that changed Lucy's life and what exactly those British candies she loved were called. 
  • Who, exactly, Balcony Ben is. 
  • Where Daphne found her prey... er... crushes as a youth.
  • And which Destiny's Child member Lucy most embodies per an incredibly scientific test. 

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