You're Using Photoshop Wrong!


People of the world: you're using Photoshop wrong! Please, for the love of all things sane, STOP!

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Let's go back to the 90's: Photoshop was born, became incredibly popular and suddenly it was the go-to program for all things digital. People of the world started using it to play around with their photos, manipulate images and have a grand old time. Because of this, it's been heavily used for things it's not intended to be used for, such as graphic and meme production. Sure, it has text tools, image tools and can do all these things, BUT it's not designed to!

Photoshop is, primarily, image editing software. It's set up for this, and is therefore the most efficient at it. No other software compares to Photoshop for image manipulation and specific edits. But, because people got comfortable using it, it became the go-to software for all sorts of other things. 

Want to make an Instagram graphic, basic mood board or simple poster? Great! DON'T use Photoshop!!

Please, for the love of god, turn to Illustrator and InDesign for those things! Stop being so afraid of change, learn how to use the programs (they're easy, I promise) and you'll see that if you want to edit text, play with layouts and easily create lots of graphics at once, that Illustrator and InDesign are 10x quicker, easier and better.

Editing colours, one click. Editing text, just one click. In Photoshop, you'd be spending 3-4 x the amount of time on these things, simply because you have to click through so many extra times to make the changes you want. 

So, with this in mind. Why are you still using Photoshop? Think of this as your push towards the future, and start learning a new program today! Check out and Skillshare for their wonderful classes and resources. And share with us in the comments! We wanna hear why you love Photoshop so much... or if you agree with us, and think it's being used for all the wrong things.