We're hosting a workshop! But, why?


Hey guys! For this months personal letter I wanted to talk all about our workshop. Quite possibly, it's all you're hearing from us right now, but that's because we are passionate as hell about it. 

the LAUNCH workshop is an in person web design workshop hosted in vancouver bc

Let's step back to last year. We were helping entrepreneurs, hustling our butts off, and we kept seeing the same problems. Small biz owners and freelancers want and need to do it all. In order to do that however, they needed other people's help to learn, preferably at a low budget, and other people's expertise, also on a budget. 

We were busy with client projects and disappointing people whom we couldn't help due to their budget restrictions. We dreamed of clients with investors and big budgets. But, honestly, that's just not realistic. We didn't want to exclude anyone, and yet that's what we were doing. Which is why we knew we had to come up with a cheaper way to help. 

Something else we knew, was that we wanted to get hands on and comfortable with our clients. We're a peer level company; not here to lord it over you or make you feel inadequate. Nope, quite the opposite. We want to buoy you up, build your confidence and teach you how this confusing design world works, as much as we feasibly can. Our instagram is dotted with motivational quotes, our blog is chock a block full of informational posts, and our in person help involves getting around a big table, or sitting on a couch and really digging in. 

Which is where the workshops come in! With quarterly sessions on website building, we knew we could create a tailored class that would be fun, educational, and leave you equipped with the skills you need to make changes in the future. 

We're so excited to meet more of this year through our workshops and hopefully also some talks! If we can just help a few people get their businesses off the ground, we'll be happy ladies. 

Lucy x