Why Brand Strategy Is Important


When you think of a brand, what springs to mind first? The logo? The colours? The fonts? These visual details are all key components of a brand identity, but they are only one part of the bigger story. A successful brand is backed up by so much more than just a pretty face. Add in the “why” behind each of these components and you have your brand strategy!

Why brand strategy is important and what it is

What is a brand strategy you ask?

In short, it’s a document which will pretty much outline everything you need to know about your brand. This typically covers the following things:

1. your brand personality

i.e The vibe, atmosphere, and language used by and for your business. What words do you or don’t you use? What atmosphere are you creating? When your business talks, you need to think of it as a person in order to see and create a personality you can use for it.

2. your ideal clients/customers

The people you want to buy from you or book with you, or just be part of your community. Getting specific about these people is a really good thing and even if you end up focusing on a very niche person, it’ll only make your life easier. Why? Because until you know who you’re talking to, you have no idea how to talk to them (or where to talk to them either!)

3. the values your business stands behind

There are things you care about as a business, and they matter. They’re part of what makes you special, part of what you can add to your brand personality, and they will help to attract those ideal clients of yours. And they don’t need to be big, high-level concepts either - they can be as simple as talking with kindness! Whatever your business holds dear, someone else will too and that’s what matters. We suggest sticking to no more than 5 core values for your business though and considering how your business will uphold them on a daily basis.

4. the core messages your business wants to express to its audience

What is it that you want to say to your people? What do you care about? What makes you, as a business, unique? Those things can become your core messages; the foundational pieces of your business that you want to make sure a visitor can read, feel, and know about you through your brand.

5. a style direction + imagery guidelines

The final piece (that we add into brand strategies when working with our clients) is taking all of the above to curate a visual style for the brand. This is the launch pad for a brand identity and it all starts by defining items 1-4 first and then making sure it’s reflected in the imagery chosen for your business.

When your brand is cohesive, it means your customers can get to know it, build relationships with it, and know what to expect from it. You're giving people stability and, hey, we could all use some of that in our lives. 

Spending the time, upfront, to figure out all the ins, outs, and eccentricities of your brand will give you a roadmap for where you're headed. It’s part of every brand identity project we work on, and for a very good reason!

Without one we wouldn’t know what direction to take the visual identity of a business in, or why it would matter. Each and every design decision we make goes back to the strategy, helping to effectively grow and support the businesses we work with.

So, that's why a brand strategy is important! If you’re interested in working with us to develop your brand (and business!) check out our core brand identity package here.