When to Update Your Website


Keeping your website up to date is as important as having a website in the first place, ESPECIALLY when you’re a new business that is growing and changing rapidly.

Here’s what you should be focused on when you’re considering what to refresh!

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Since we started Design Build Grow, we've had to make some tweaks and changes to our objectives, offerings, and style and, realistically, it's only been a few months. But that's the reality when you're running a business, especially when that business is brand spanking new. As you settle in, you’ll start to pick up on things that you realize may not relate to your brand strategy. And that’s when you start making changes. Pay attention to what feels right with your brand and what could be improved upon, because a business is never static. Trends change, people’s likes and needs change, and your business should change with it.

With each of these changes though, it becomes really important to make sure the information on your website is still relevant and that the images and overall style still support and feel connected to what you're doing and that's exactly what we do regularly. 

A perfect example of this - which has been the most recent bain of our collective existence - has been that Squarespace keeps making updates to the tools in their platform, so we keep having to rewrite copy and redo the graphics, videos, and gifs for our Squarespace courses. 

Does it feel like the work is neverending? Absolutely!

Are there times when we think BUT I ALREADY JUST DID THISSSSSS!!!! Oh yea, 100%

But then we take off our grumbling hats (which you may picture as sorting hats) and put on our studious work hats (more of a beret deal) and get down to business making all of the necessary updates. 

So, with all that in mind, what should YOU be focused on updating and how often? Here's a quick breakdown:


As your business grows and evolves you should be getting new photos to reflect that, or maybe you have new photos anyway and aren't updating your website with them. Add in new photos regularly, making sure they are high resolution and aren't pixelated or crappy. Also, make sure any text on top of a photo has enough clear space to make it visible!


Do regular reviews of your website copy and information to make sure it makes sense, speaks directly to your customer, and is engaging. We do this every couple of months even to make sure that each page of our site continues to make sense, but you should be doing this at least once every 3-6 months if your business is small and evolving quickly.


Does your website size correctly on a range of screen sizes? Whenever you do an update, double check how they look on mobile to make sure a visitor doesn't have to pinch and zoom or isn't finding the mobile version of your website a pain in the ass to use. 

If you focus on these three things, then you and your business will be in a good spot! Plus maybe invest in some hats?