We're on YouTube! Introducing: The Shaker Sessions


Big news! We come in video format now! The ball is officially rolling on our YouTube channel and we're kicking things off with an introduction to us and the story of our business.

Our YouTube Channel the Shaker Sessions

This is all SUPER exciting for us because we both love YouTube and watch it daily. We love the community, connectivity and comedy aspects of it and this gives us another avenue to grow creatively as well. We cannot wait to share you what videos we've been working on, but for now you can head on over to our channel to watch the first one. 


  • How we met
  • Why we started our business
  • What the first year of our business was like
  • What's happening these days
  • Why the heck we're on YouTube (yay!)

PLUS we've got some bloopers coming your way soon too, cause, well, we had a lot of fun and act like idiots sometimes. Your welcome. 

So, head on over to check it out and before you know it we'll be super YouTube sensations (jkjk. But also apparently that is a thing people can become now... what a time to be alive.)

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