The Difficulty With The Hustle


The hustle sucks. Let's just admit it. The idea that we need to be constantly pushing and striving and working. Doing, being, making. 

Well you know what? THINKING can be really damn hard. It can be draining and tiring and just as much work as all that doing and making. Thinking is part of the hustle, but very often, sitting around thinking and strategizing makes me feel guilty as all hell. Taking a rest after spending lots of time thinking and scheming makes me feel like shit. There, I said it: the guilt trip that comes with the idea of the "hustle" makes me feel like shit. 

Anyone else feel this way? I bet you do. So I'm here with you in solidarity, and I'm here to say, let's rest! Let's give ourselves a break and let our minds wander away from work (is that even a possibility as a business owner?) Now you might have read these before, but I'm going to share 6 things that help me rest my mind and body after I've been hustling too hard. 

the difficulty with the hustle we have put ourselves in with Lucy Gregory of Salt Design Co



Yep, every list on the planet is going to tell you this one. But it's for a good reason. Go get some Vitamin D on your face, walk as fast as you can and sweat a little. Now the one thing I do find I have to do differently, is the destination. A walk in the woods or on a beach might be lovely to do, but in Vancouver it's not so easy to step out of your front door and walk around without a purpose. Sure, you could walk a 10 block radius and admire the houses, the gardens and the trees, but I'm a person that needs purpose. So, give yourself one! What errands do you need to do? What coffee shops near your house do you love? This is the perfect excuse to feel productive, treat yourself or set somewhere fun as your destination. Plug in some tunes and get going!



Do like Meredith Grey and dance it out! Turn up some music, real loud, and D A N C E! This one is simple really, just let go and move. 



Sometimes what your mind needs to un clog, is a distraction. And what better distraction that another person? Call your mom for a chat, message your friends and live vicariously through someone else for a while. 



If you're not into meditation, listen up. I'm not going to convince you into it, I'm not particularly good at it myself, nor do I do it all that often...but sometimes when you're feeling stressed, all you need is to go lie down in silence for a while. Lie on your floor, your couch, or your bed. Sit in a quiet spot, close your eyes, and just breathe. Honestly, it doesn't matter if you start thinking about things, just focus on them, send them away and focus on your breath again. 10 minutes later you'll feel more peaceful and less stressed. Promise!



Cooking is therapy. So is doing the dishes. Turn on some music or a podcast, and let your body do the rest. It's at times when you're body is working and your mind can relax that you are most imaginative and creative. You'll relax, switch off for a while, and get a delicious meal out of it. Even if it's only some scrambled eggs, it'll do you some good. 



This last one might be easier said than done. So if you don't know anyone with a pet, go for a walk in a residential neighbourhood and chances are you'll stumble upon a dog or cat. You don't need me to tell you that 5 minutes of playing with something furry will make you happy, so just go do it. Then maybe eat a donut too. Why not?