Striking While The Iron's Hot

use your creative inspiration as soon as it strikes

When are you most creative? I'm going to take one guess that it's not when you're being told to be. Nor is it when you're given a deadline. (Although that extra pressure sure does help hurry things along) For me, inspiration strikes at random times, and while I have to get work done every day like the rest of the world, there are certain tasks that I have to trust will get done on time, and that I can't force myself to do.

Writing is one. Logo design is another; sometimes your brain needs a little time for ideas and thoughts to accumulate. They need to settle in your head and sort themselves out. This might mean that you take an extra break during the work day, because you've got to clear your head and let stuff happen, and quite frankly, you've got no other admin tasks left to do...

So go! Be freeee! And remind yourself that there should be no guilt, because your brain will be working it's magic for you. I'll just be over here trying not to feel guilty about it too. 

Lucy x