Squarespace vs. Wordpress… What’s the difference?


As a small business owner, if you mention creating a website, chances are someone will ask if you’re using Wordpress. We’re here to plead our case for why you, as an entrepreneur, can run your business entirely on Squarespace and when is it the better option!

Let’s dig in!

Squarespace vs. Wordpress... What's the difference?


Don’t get us wrong, Wordpress is popular for a reason. The parts of Wordpress that work work. There are literally thousands of templates to choose from and, with the right skills, is very customizable. Highly detailed websites with tons of moving parts are most likely built on a platform like Wordpress. The backend of Wordpress feels quite comprehensive; it feels relatively intuitive to find what you need and make changes to your site. But the thing that makes Wordpress irresistible is the many plugins available to use; they have e-commerce platform plugins, plugins for e-commerce, and the most important one, SEO plugins. There are tons of great SEO plugins for Wordpress that can help you track your analytics to help your place in Google searches. It all sounds pretty great so far, right!?

As I previously mentioned, Wordpress themes are abundant and customizable, if you have the skills. There is no guarantee that they will always look up to date and current nor can you be sure you won’t get a dud of a template with a back end that’s been coded improperly. The better looking themes will cost much more, and that still doesn’t mean you can really do much but use what’s been given to you, especially if you can’t speak coding language.

Which brings us to the biggest headache of Wordpress. If you have had little to no exposure to HTML or CSS (the absolute basic languages of “computer speak”), then Wordpress is going to feel like one big computer-y hot mess. Making even the slightest of changes might feel like it takes up so much of your time to figure it out, or worse still, you end up breaking your website due to some bad coding. This would mean that you are better off spending money and hiring a professional in programming, specifically a web developer. If there are changes you want to make to your website, however, you’ll have to reach out to the web developer and ensure they have time and you have the money to make even the most minuscule of changes.

Developers are very necessary and Wordpress has a time and a place within the professional world. But as a fellow small business owner, sometimes our options are limited and we have to make choices based on what is available to us, and having to turn to a third party for as long as your website is up because you don’t understand how it runs seems like an unnecessary headache.


So, on to Squarespace. We’ve chosen Squarespace as our main platform for creating and hosting our own websites and those we create for our clients because it’s so much easier to learn and more changes can be made without code or the help of a designer - which is crucial for those first few years of hustling!

As designers, we also really appreciate the aesthetics of Squarespace’s templates; the built-in (free!) templates already look nice, so if you choose a template and decide not to alter a lot of it, you will already have a wonderful looking website. Plus, if you want to swap around and try different templates you can do so very easily, at no extra cost!

If you did hire a designer to help with your Squarespace website, you can make changes at a drop of a hat without having to wait for someone else to do it for you because the platform is simpler and more intuitive to learn. Plus, there are tons of resources online that you can comb through that will help you solve any of your Squarespace problems, many solutions not having to resort to code. (See here, here and here!)

Okay so true, there isn’t a quick link to available plug-in’s (but do some Googling and you’ll find some if you need them) but if your site doesn’t need to be complicated then there’s no reason why you can’t build it all on Squarespace. In fact, we built this really rather complicated website all on Squarespace with a little extra code, so even then it’s 100% possible! If you can dream it, you can hack it 😉

Being in your first few years of business doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money to get the best results; it means being smart with your cash and figuring out the best way that works for you right now. And for that, we recommend Squarespace.

Still looking for a bit more hands-on guidance before jumping in? Check out our course DIY Your Squarespace Website like a Pro!