Setting goals when it's not January


We're over the halfway mark for the year, and boy oh boy did that sneak up on us! If you set some goals in January, now is the perfect time to check in on them and see how you're doing. With that mind, we created a free goal setting worksheet for you! Jump down below to grab it, and get to work on those goals!

How to set goals when it's not January

We know for sure that setting goals is important. Goals help to guide us to the life and career we want. They help to stay focused, on track and able to kick butt! BUT sometimes they can feel overwhelming, and trying to figure out, or decide where you want to be in 10 years can be so scary!! And that's why you've gotta take those big goals, and condense them. Small, bite sized goals that you tick off every week, are much more manageable, and over time, all of those small goals, will help you achieve the big ones! It's really that simple.

So to get started, you gotta think about what you want, and then figure out how you're gonna get there. When you're looking big picture, at 10 year goals in particular, I wouldn't suggest getting too specific, but you can think (and envision!) the type of life you want, and the type of things you want to have achieved by then. 

Split those goals up into categories and ruminate on what you want...


  • Do you want kids?

  • Live in the city, or the country?

  • Have pets?

  • Be in a bright, open house, or something cosy and rustic?


  • In 10 years, will you have spoken on a panel, at a conference?

  • Do you want to be teaching and mentoring one day?

  • What about keeping things small? You could be running your own business with a killer assistant helping you run your biz.


  • Are you still living close to your family?

  • In a different country?

  • Do you have your own family?

Take all these categories (and more!) to really visualize your life and how it FEELS. Find what feels good to you, and work from there. PLUS, if you want to dig in deep to reevaluating your goals, you can grab our full, comprehensive goal setting kit!