Setting Goals That You Will Actually Achieve In 2018


With the new year comes all these ideas of doing things differently. Setting habits, goals and new intentions that will last all year long. But, how often do we actually succeed in these things? Well, not often. Let's take a look at why that happens, and what we can do to make it easier on ourselves.

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We start the new idea with big grand plans, and very rarely stick to our new years resolutions. So, what's the problem?


Got 3 goals for the year? 10? Honestly some years I did that. I'd write a whole list - lose 10lbs, earn this much, do this or that. How many of those did I accomplish? Probably none. The problem is that we have too many focuses. Our lives are busy enough as it is without adding in all these other things. 



Forget yearly goals or resolutions. What are you going to do this month? This week? Pick the thing you're curious about right now and focus on that. By changing one thing at a time you can still accomplish 3-5 things throughout the year, but you're able to give each one you're full attention and actually make it happen. 



A lot of the goals we have require different habits. We're not always able to easily achieve our goals, because we don't have the routine or habit in place yet - and it can be that simple. For 2017 I felt like I needed to be more disciplined as someone working from home. I set that as my goal for the year, and didn't always feel able to do it. I beat myself up for it. But as I worked on my morning routines, I realized that discipline was the wrong focus, and I was making myself feel bad over nothing. I didn't need more discipline, I just needed new morning habits.



Say you want to lose 10lbs. What do you need to do to make that happen? Eat less (or better) and exercises more, right? But feeling bad about snacks, not making it to the gym, or sitting on the couch doesn't get you anywhere. You're allowed to do all those things, even if they're not directly helping you with your goal.

Instead, change up your habits and your lifestyle. Focus on moving more and eating smarter. Build in a daily walk to your office, or take a longer lunch break that allows you eat a bigger meal and snack less. Create habits that have a long term result, and without thinking about it too much you'll see those pounds sliding off. 

Or say you want to do 20 push ups in a row. Build in the routine of doing 5 push ups every morning for a week. Then make it 6 push ups every morning. After 30 days you'll have a routine down and be doing it automatically. Then before you know it, you're hitting your goal!

To see long term results, you need to make small changes, one at a time.

Genuinely, that's what it takes. Now I'm not saying this is foolproof - you'll still need to be doing the work. But, it's a much better approach to look at your lifestyle and make small changes, than it is to be trying to do 5 goals at once and not accomplishing any of them. 

So, let's get to work! What are your goals for 2018? Do you know how you want to solve them? Comment below and share with us!