Our Fave Tools for Instagram


Last week on the blog we shared our second post in a series about social media and making your life easier with scheduling. But today we wanted to share some of our go-to tools with you guys! We're not experts by any means, but when we started using categories and getting more serious about our feed, we noticed a huge difference, and these tools are my fave right now.

The tools we use for Instagram at Salt Design Co.



Free for the starter plan with 3 accounts, and easy to use. Perfect for scheduling across all your accounts & helps you get organized - plus it's a local company! 

This tool is great if you've got lots of valuable content like blog posts that you want people to see more than just the one time you promote it. It will keep your library of content posting regularly, across any and all platforms. (is a little pricier at $50/m)

I use this for planning out our feed, and making sure that all the images flow together nicely. Especially useful as we post photos + graphics, and I hate it when the graphics bunch up together. (not a cheap app - it's $8.50, but I use this every single week so it's paid off)

Perfect for editing your images. I use the VSCO presets for a lot of my photos, so having the app on my phone means I get access to similar editing tools and can create consistent editing even if I'm doing it on the go. (in app purchases if you want more presets)

You guys have probably noticed this one in our Instagram bio by now. It's a free tool that allows you have multiple links accessible by visitors, rather than just the one that Instagram gives you. (It's free unless you want to have custom branding, which we haven't bothered with)