3 Ways You Can Boost Your SEO


Last month, at our second Salty Series event we hosted a group of SEO experts and web designers to talk about the relationship between SEO and web design. What a lot of people don't realize, is that SEO is very dependant on good web design and how a user interacts with a website, so we wanted to shed a light on this! 

Read on to learn our top 3 tips for improving your SEO, and details on our SEO workshop, coming up in November!

Improve the SEO of your website with these 3 easy steps

Throughout the evening, our biggest discussion point was how much SEO is reliant on web design. The way a user interacts with a web design is KEY for good SEO - meaning that the better the design, the more time someone is going to spend on that site, and trust us, Google will notice that and rank you higher because of it!

SEO can be a confusing beast to tackle, especially as a small business owner when you've got a billion other things to be concerned with. But without good SEO, your business might be suffering. Make yourself easy to find online, and you'll see more inquiries and sales. 



Tip 1 is to consider the keywords someone will use when searching for you, and then, include enough of them within the copy on your website to help with that! Think about what you are selling or offering as a business, and evaluate your website copy to ensure you have enough keywords throughout.



Optimizing your website for a user is so much more than making it pretty, and leads to better SEO, more bookings or sales, and a better online presence in general. Figure out who your people are, what the goal of your website is, and make everything easy to read, see, and navigate. You want your visitors sticking around and being led through your website in a cohesive manner. 

And remember, that means doing a little research on how people are interacting with your site. Just because most people view websites on their phone, doesn't mean people view YOUR website on a mobile phone. Check out your sites analytics, install Google Analytics, or use heat maps to find out how visitors use your website, and adjust accordingly. 



Maybe not what you were expecting to hear, but we truly believe in relying on others to help you as you grow your business. If you're looking for an expert to hand everything over to, make sure you find someone that can offer you a personalized plan, and isn't asking for you to pay them a lump sum for 3-6 months. The bulk of the work can be done in the first 4-6 weeks - so that's what you should be paying for!