How To Feel Good When You're Having Your Photo Taken


If you're anything like me, your Instagram account is just filled with regular pictures: goofy poses, wide smiles and a plethora of selfies. You can literally hear the phrase "Cheese!" when you look at my feed. Then suddenly, I was told someone with a trained background was going to be taking my picture and that these would be used professionally. I had some thoughts. Will I be any good at this? What if I can’t smize like Tyra Banks? What if all my shots just end up looking like a yearbook picture!? 

But being in front of the camera does not have to be an experience you lose sleep over. It can be a fun and exhilarating experience. Unless you're a movie star, it's not often you get your picture taken by a professional. You might as well enjoy it and bask in the idea that, for today, you’re the main focus! Here are my tips to help you feel comfortable being in the hot (model) seat. 

how to feel good when you're having photo taken for headshots


Hiring a photographer is more than just choosing someone to point and click. You should feel safe around this person and understand that you are both working towards a shared vision. This will help you relax when you find yourself staring at a camera lens. Trusting your photographer means knowing they have your best interest at heart and that you can be honest with one another. They’re there to work with you and certainly have nothing to gain by actively trying to sabotage your shots.


As you’re getting into the swing of things, the photographer may offer some suggestions, which I recommend you pay attention to. Listening to our photographer, as she guided me through different body and facial poses, was very helpful as she is aware of what translates best onto an image. What you may think of as a normal everyday pose might look different when it’s captured by a lens.

The second person you should be listening to is yourself. You know your limits and comfort zone. This means that if something feels amiss, your instincts will probably perk up. Trust it. If you don’t feel comfortable, or something feels confusing to you, you should not hesitate to voice your concerns. This leads us to our third point.


Don’t be afraid to be vocal. If you need some direction or clarification, it will help both parties if the kinks can be ironed out quickly so that the photographer can continue snapping away and you can continue flashing your winning smile.


At the end of the day, they’re just images. They don’t define you nor do they predict anything about you. If you look like the embodiment of the fire emoji in your shots, that’s great! But more often than not, we are our own worst critics. We can work with the world’s best photographer and we’ll probably still be able to pinpoint our flaws. Instead of solely worrying on how you look in a photograph, try to take this whole “photo shoot” thing as a fun experience that is meant to enhance your portfolio or business. You do not have to turn into a model extraordinaire. Just make sure you have fun, be present and try your best! The photographer will do the other stuff.