How To Create A Detailed Customer Profile

Creating a detailed customer profile of our ideal client is crucial heres how

One of the biggest parts of your brand strategy (and one of the main things we consider when designing a brand identity, or designing anything really) is WHO is this for? WHO is the target market here?

We recently covered how to start figuring that out, and even shared a worksheet with questions for helping you out. This week, we'd like to get you more organized, with a new worksheet that will help you create a personality profile for your ideal client. This worksheet gets you to take all the separate pieces of information, and pull them together into a detailed description. And it's the same way we work with your clients brand strategy. 

Use the previous blog post, and the worksheets, to fill out the new one - you'll essentially be transferring the information across to keep it neat and tidy. But we'd also suggest writing up a short paragraph using all the descriptors about your ideal client. Here's an example of the final result, pulled from one of our recent client projects! Refer to this as you go to stay on track, and to remind yourself of how you're pulling the information together. 

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