How To Craft Your Key Messages


Business is hard, it's confusing, and there's lots of things to get clear in your head before you can truly set your business up for success. We know first hand that just having your brand values and messages written down isn't enough - you've got to act on them, have them as reminders and use them in your copy and marketing! One great way of doing this is taking your brand values, mission statement and purpose, and crafting some key messages that you want to express to the world through any copy you write as a business. Your key messages are the main points of information you want your clients to hear, understand, and remember.

How to craft your key messages

Quick tip: The 'copy' you write as a business, is quite simply, any words that your customers might come in to contact with. So anything you say, whether it be on Instagram, in an email, or on your website, is a form of marketing copy.

In order to to write your key messages, you need to know what you're here to do. We broke this down a couple of weeks ago in this post about finding your purpose and writing a mission statement, so check that one out before starting here with your messages. 

So! Let's crack on. We're going to write our key messages using our mission statement and company purpose. For an example, here's what ours are: 

Our mission at Salt is “To provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with brand design and strategy support, whilst taking away any fears or confusion surrounding the design process.

Why do we want to do that? Because we want to see everyone succeed. Too many people have dreams that go unrealized, because they're intimated or overwhelmed by what needs to be done. They're confused by jargon (both design + business) and it seems too big to start. Essentially, our purpose is to HELP. We feel great joy and satisfaction in helping and teaching others. We want to problem solve as a team - on a peer level with our "clients" and want to do this creatively. By working alongside others, we can help them achieve their goals. We do this by helping clients to strategize, and then by creating brand visuals that effectively express their business through a visual identity. 

From these things we can begin to break down the ideas behind our purpose and mission statement into 5 simple messages that we want to convey through our business. These messages will come through in our website, our Instagram and anywhere else someone might hear from us. And trust us, whilst we've had these things written down on paper, we've only just started showcasing them properly, so we understand how tough this stuff can be!


  • Design doesn't have to be hard

  • Context first, design second

  • Business doesn't have to be stuffy or intimidating

  • Teamwork is best

  • Involvement is key for learning

If we take these messages and make sure that everything we say and write as a business reflects these messages, then we'll know we're on the right track to expressing ourselves effectively! This part is tough though.. so write your messages on your noticeboard, pin it to will, cover your office in post it notes - whatever you need to do to keep them at the forefront of your mind.