Defining Your Brand Personality


One of the most important things to consider when creating a company, brand identity or even a business plan, is your brand personality. Forget about financial reports and market research; who are YOU and what are YOU here to say?

Without a consistent voice (and imagery) you won't effectively be able to communicate your why. What makes you different is you, your voice and personality, so let's shout it out to the world!! To get you started on this road, we've created 3 simple steps that will guide you in creating a personality profile.

Determining the personality of your brand is crucial to your business plan


First up, we're going to select a few focus words that explain who your business is. Really think about the personality of your company, and how anyone interacting with your company will feel. Throw in as many additional keywords as you like, and make a nice long list of all them. Take it one step further and make a real persona. What's their name? How old are they? This will make personality keywords flow much quicker and really enable you to visualize your company's personality.

Narrow this list down to 3-5 of those words (the ones that are the truest reflection of your business), and use page 2 of the worksheet to make a curated list that sums up your business personality. This page in particular, is a great reference sheet when you need a reminder of the personality you have created for your business. You'll find that if you refer to it regularly, then the content you produce for your brand will be much more consistent.



With your top 5 keywords in mind, we're going to head to Pinterest, or even your magazine collection and make a mood board! Pull all and any images that you gravitate to first, then refine and curate as you go. Choose images that compliment each other, and look visually appealing, as well as those that simply express your personality. Don't worry about the categories you find these images from - fashion, interiors, design, cooking, everything and anything goes here!

We're also going to make a second board, one that shows the person you began imagining in step 1. Use this board to show the hobbies, the interests, the habits of this person. This board could show the type of house your imaginary person lives in, or where they shop. Do they choose local, or big brands? Why? Perhaps they love the bright colours of David's Tea and choose to shop there, or maybe they're doing everything they can to help reduce waste, and therefore shop exclusively at second hand stores? You decide, but use this board to get super specific about the person you have in your mind. 



By now, you have a collection of words and images that show how your company feels, looks and acts. You have an overview of a person in your mind and some specific words that reflect the business you want to be running. 

We're going to use all of this information to create a concrete guide that you can refer to time and time again when making choices on behalf of your brand. Download this worksheet to help with this! Fill in all the gaps using your keywords and mood boards, and in no time you'll have a very specific personality profile. This document can be used as a larger reference guide than the first worksheet, but is also great to think about regularly, and will be particularly useful when creating a brand identity with a designer.