Create Your Own Brand Strategy Using Our Handy Workbook


Sometimes it's hard to take those fab ideas that our rolling around in our noggins and organize them in a way that makes them actionable and, when you're developing a brand, that can spell trouble.

That's where a brand strategy comes in!

Spending the time, upfront, to figure out all the ins, outs, and eccentricities of your brand will give you a roadmap for where you're headed and, with the help of our Brand Strategy Workbook, you'll be on your way in no time. 

Create Your Own Brand Plan With Our Strategy Workbook

So what exactly is a brand strategy you ask?

Well, it's a document which will pretty much outline everything you need to know about your brand. 

What does your business do? What makes it unique? How would you describe it's personality (Louis Vuitton is fancy pantsy, Patagonia is outdoorsy and bold). What are your company's values and how are you going to express those through your messaging? Who is your ideal client? What typefaces, colours, and visuals will come to represent you?

So, yea, it's a lot of things all summed up in one place.

Does it take work to figure this all out? Short answer, yes. 

But, when you really flesh all of these things out, down to the minutia of how many children your ideal customer has or where they like to relax on the weekend, you're going to end up with something you can continually refer back to for answers and guidance when you're feeling a little lost. 

"Should we being doing a blog post about the upcoming election?"


"It says our company sells pagers and our customers are tiny gnomes that live on the moon"

"Hmmm... better skip it then, doesn't seem relevant"

SEE how quickly a detailed brand strategy cleared up that (totally real) situation? That could be you, killing it with your own pager business!

Developing a brand strategy will ultimately give you brand cohesion. 

Say it with me now, co-heeeeee-sion. 

And when your brand is cohesive, it means your customers can get to know it, build relationships with it, and know what to expect from it. You're giving people stability and, hey, we could all use some of that in our lives. 

So, that's why a brand strategy is important and, with our workbook, we'll guide you through the process of developing one so that you can take those beautiful ideas and commit them to paper in a way which enables you to get going with your business.