We Can Do Better

We're deviating from the normal topics on the blog today, in order to share some resources with you. If you're wondering what you can do to support others in this sticky political climate, there is lots. Learning, continuing the conversation, and using our voices included.

Aside from the political events of 2017, there are still wars happening, and refugees fleeing from their homes. We should continue to support, and be aware, of the many worldwide issues, and so the bottom section of this post are causes you can donate to, related to that, if you're interested in skipping down there. 



NY Times; The Daily


How we got here pieces things together through different pieces of literature. 

Stop Hate

The SPLC have a guide on "10 Ways to Fight Hate In Your Community"


Vice reporters filmed throughout the day and interviewed members of both sides of the protest. It's not a fun watch, and lasts 20 minutes.

Don't be a sucker; 'In 1947, the U.S. War Department released "Don't Be a Sucker" to illustrate how Americans could lose their country if they give power to hatred.' 



Whilst some of these are shared in the SPLC guide, and on the Stop Hate site, here's a quick list of ways you can do something:

  • Speak up when you see someone being targeted, spoken to unkindly, or mis-treated in any way
  • Talk about what's happening with your friends
  • Host a dinner or pot-luck and aim to raise money that can be donated
  • Be kind. Let everyone around you know that you support them. Even if that's just by making eye contact and smiling. Recognize the people in your community. 
  • Protest, if you feel you able to. (There's an alt-right rally happening this Saturday, at City Hall in Vancouver for example)
  • Find, and sign, online petitions
  • Educate yourself. Read, listen, learn. There are years of events that lead to the outburst of rallies like those in Charlottesville, and racism will never truly be abolished. But we can understand better, learn what's happening in our world, and have a stronger stance from which to talk about it. 
  • Tweet at the Mayor, and/or Chief of Police in areas like Charlottesville. (@MikeSigner)


Gather For Goats have a current goal of providing 800 goats to Syrian Refugees. 

You can donate towards Charlottesville directly, as they try to protect their city from White Supremacists.

Support the refugees that have come to Canada through various sources such as this one.

Tyler had a stroke yesterday after taking part in the protests against White Supremacists. Support his Go Fund Me page here

Read about the refugee experience through AMSSA's magazine, Cultures West. The most recent editions (Fall 2016 and Summer 2017) have focused on refugees coming to BC, and the stories are insightful and heart warming. 

We discovered a lot of these resources through A Cup of Jo, Bustle, and our own friends here in Vancouver.