How I'm Learning To Take It Slow(er)

Entrepreneurship is tough! How I'm learning to take it slower and say no to the hustle

Hey team! We wrote about why the hustle kinda sucks at the beginning of the year, and listed ways that we're boosting our creativity by taking it slower. Doing those things means taking time for ourselves as business owners, which can be really hard! So, now, at the end of the summer, it's fun to look back and see if we listened to our own advice. 

We're firm believers in getting the work done, but I know that I personally have had to learn how to let go a little bit and know that if the work is being completed, then any other time is mine for the taking. It's hard for me to not feel guilty if I'm not at my desk by 9am, even though no one says I have to be... it's just what the rest of society is doing. 

I often feel really bad about the times I “should’ be working, and there’s a voice in my head that is shouting at me - screw it! You worked until 10pm last night, why should you be at work at 9am!?.

I'm learning to listen to that voice more and more, and thanks to other entrepreneurs sharing their stories (and Daphne telling me to stop being silly) I'm beginning to really enjoy the flexibility of my own schedule - with ZERO guilt!

Aside from taking a break from the self induced guilt trips, I've also learnt a little delegation trick that I thought you guys might like! The most common advice for delegating tasks, is to to hire someone to help with the things you don't like doing/ aren't very good at doing. But that advice isn't particularly useful for me, as I don't have enough of those tasks to actually bother hiring anyone.

We don't have much bookkeeping to be done (I dip in for a few hours once every 6 months and smash it out to a movie) so the standard tasks that are sent off to a virtual assistant or junior designer just don't apply to us right now. Which meant that I wasn't taking the time to relax more and get out of the hustle. In fact I was just getting on with everything, and not even thinking about what someone else could be helping me with. 

But then, I learnt another way of thinking about delegating, and it's helped me switch my mindset and let go of my control reigns a little. 

This article taught me that if someone else is capable of doing your task, and they can do it at least 70% as well as you can, then that's sufficient. It was quite a game changer for me really, because it made me realize that it's not just about delegating the tasks that I don't enjoy, but about delegating ANY task. 

I might enjoy running social media, writing blog posts, bookkeeping and more, but do I have the mental capacity to be doing it all the time? Or is my energy better spent elsewhere, like working on client strategies? The answer is most likely yes, and you need to recognize where your time is best spent, and then allow someone else to do the other tasks for you. 

This still falls into the category of letting go, but understanding that a task doesn't have to be done perfectly (or at least can be done differently!) allows my control freak tendencies to loosen their grip a little. 

At the end of the day, it's about the long term plan, and having a business that can sustain itself. Your business can't always rely on you (what if you get sick?!), so you need to turn to those who are willing to help you, and let them!