LAUNCH Web Workshop: July 2017 Recap


That right there, is a group of happy faces; happy ladies who got together to learn, create and build. The day of the LAUNCH workshop last weekend was our first foray into workshops of this scale, and we loved every minute of it!

As Instagram stories can only show so much, we decided to share a little recap on the day, so everyone else could get a glimpse into the day and experience. 

9am: Ashley, Jordan, and Kobi arrived! We held the workshop in a beautiful, cosy apartment and immediately whisked them in for some coffee and breakfast. Our first priority of the day: getting to know each other! 


We wanted everyone to have a chance to relax, chat and generally meet their fellow web builders. So, we hung out and munched on some fresh fruit for a little bit. Lucky for us, both Ashley and Kobi are existing clients of ours, so already knew them really well! 

9.30: Kicking off the day officially, we jumped into an outline of the day, explaining what would be happening when, and introducing them to Alexa, who took their portraits in the afternoon. 

10am: In order to really give the most value we could, we started the morning session with a 90 minute Squarespace and web design lesson. We covered the 5 Key Elements of a homepage, how to use marketing strategies on your website, and the in's and out's of Squarespace. 

11.30: Snack time! The Good Stuff were kind enough to keep us fuelled, and provided us with a selection of their smoothie flavours. Thanks guys!

12pm: Time to begin building our first pages, and take turns in the portrait space. Each person got to rotate between having their headshot taken, or working with either Daphne or myself one on one whilst we built out their first pages; the about page, and the contact page. 

Typically these pages have the least amount of content (when compared to a homepage) so are a great place for us to start off for our rookies. With all the content and images prepared prior to the day, this process is quick and easy. We choose where we want each element of the page (i.e contact form, photo, bio, etc.) and place it! Having the chance to test out new skills whilst building low pressure pages is a great start to web design. 

We also found time for lunch - we all know how important that is! The lovely team at Nuba put together a mixture of salads, chicken, falafel, and all things delicious for us, and we pretty much moved from laptop to lunch and back again. A nice casual flow to our working structure was totally needed and made the afternoon very enjoyable. 

1pm: Kobi was first up for the headshot portion, and rocked it! She chose a light blue backdrop, and came prepared with a couple of outfit options. Ashley was up next, isn't she gorgeous!?

2pm: One of the best parts of the day? Hanging out together and working! Everyone was able to give input and feedback on each other's sites, which is an incredible advantage and means that there were 2 designers on hand at all times, but also 4 other people who could give their opinion to the general look and feel! Totally invaluable!

3pm: Time to load up all the content, add the final tweaks to homepages, and start launching! With a large tv, we were able to view everyone's portraits, help choose the final images, and have a live launch party of every site! Champagne, donuts, and all things good, while we celebrated everyone's wins. 

What a day! And each person still has additional support time over the next few weeks! We include a 1 hour review session to go over the sites we built together, offer up extra tips, and answer any questions. We love being part of the skills and confidence building that these women got to experience.

Thanks again to all our contributors, listed below, as well as the participants themselves! Take a look at each of their sites, and let us know what you think! 

We're hosting our next workshop on September 23rd! Click below to get all the details and to book your spot:

Ashley's website:

Jordan's website:

Kobi's website:

All photos: Alexa Mazzarello 
Smoothies: The Good Stuff
Donuts: Cartems
Goody Bag Gift: Fall For Local
Goody Bag Gift: KDreyer
Goody Bag Gift: TheFive15
Lunch: Nuba