Setting a Basic Social Schedule for Instagram

How to set a basic schedule for your instagram profile

Likes, comments, and follows- it all begins with a single post. But to make sure your Instagram feed is going to be interesting and effective, you've got to have a plan!


To begin with, think about your goals. Why do you want an Instagram page for your company? What are you hoping it will achieve? You may want your Instagram to drive traffic to your website. If this is the case, start to think about what kind of posts will encourage viewers to carry on to your site. These posts could promote your blog or announce promotions and sales on products!

You should have 3-4 different types of Instagram posts that you plan on sharing. Once you have these figure out, you can start thinking about your schedule!


How often do you want each kind of post uploaded? Remember to sync this schedule with your other digital strategies. For example, if you are going to post one new blog article on your website every week, then it would make sense to post one "New Blog" Instagram post per week.

A word for the wise: don't get spammy! You don't want to completely take over your followers' feed, so keep it to 1-2 posts per day on your Instagram page.

To make your scheduling information easy to access, make a calendar or an excel sheet for the month. Using this sheet, fill in what will be posted each day or each week. This will give you an overview of the month and will help you visualize the feed. It will also keep you prepared for upcoming posts so you never forget! When filling in the sheet, make sure there's some variety in posts. You want your grid to be aesthetically pleasing, which is usually ruined if there are too many similar-looking posts in a row!


But what about special days and holidays, like International Cat Day? We've got you covered with this table!  

Your regular monthly schedule will probably not include special days or holidays. So, make a table (like the one above) to plan for holidays and special events coming up that will require different posts than your usual ones!

Another tool that you can use is Hootsuite. You may have heard of Hootsuite before, it's a social media management tool that allows you to schedule posts in advance. This is a great tool because you can have all your social channels on one platform. However, it's not the best for Instagram. This is because Hootsuite requires you to sign in on your phone when it's time to post, instead of posting it automatically without any action required from you (as it does with Twitter and Facebook). We don't personally use it, but it is an option!


Now you're ready to create a beautiful and strategic Instagram page for your brand! If you're unsure or need a hand on the 'gram, remember that we're always ready to help. Now go get those likes!

(PS. International Cat Day is August 8th in case you were wondering)

Cover photo by Alexa Mazzarello. Second Image from Pinterest